Tuesday, August 18, 2015

    I have high expectations for my English class this year including my peers, teacher, and myself. A good teacher shows qualities of a kind heart and cares for their students. Although the teacher should be nice and set a good tone for the classroom, they should be tough. They should challenge us to do our best and they should have high expectations of their students. I expect the teacher to make their expectations clear from the beginning of the year so that nobody is confused about what they should expect when they go to class. The rules and expectations should also stay consistent throughout the year.
    The expectations I have for my peers and myself are very similar. We should all respect our teacher and try our best in class. As a class we must respect one another and encourage each other to always do better. As a class we should strive to get all of our work turned in on time. We should improve on teamwork throughout the year and be kind even when its hard. This year our class must act professional and pay attention in class. When someone is absent we should help them get caught up. Our class should set high expectations and follow through with them. If we do this we will succeed and work well together!

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